Contemporary Dramas

Classic literature for the modern age, D.B.Carter's contemporary dramas each contain a dash of romance and a flourish of mystery.

Christmas may only be a few days away, but for sixteen-year-old Mark it’s the bleak midwinter. Living in the poor area of town run by the local drug dealer, he is trying to get an education while caring for his little sister Lizzy and their addict father. Mary, the girl on the train to whom his heart secretly belongs, wants to help, but how can she?

For Mark and Lizzy, is there a Christmas yet to come?

A modern Dickensian tale of hope, love, romance and friendship.

At twenty Susan is still bound by the trauma of her youth, but starts to blossom into womanhood, thanks to the tender encouragement of Luke, the eccentric occupant of ‘The Cherries’, who lives surrounded by books and art. It is a journey of tears and laughter, helping to heal mind and spirit.

But can the past ever be truly behind you?

Carol has overcome countless obstacles to create her firm, and she’s done it on her own. But her beautiful apartment in central London and the trappings of success offer little compensation for the many years of illness and hurt she has endured.

Can she avert disaster without reopening old wounds, or might facing the demons of her memory lead to new beginnings? Is Carol beyond forgiveness or will the flames of romance be fanned, long after her hopes had gone?

Three friendships torn apart by one chance meeting.

By autumn 1984 Sharon and Pip are in their final years of school and on the verge of adulthood. Best friends for as long as they can remember, the two young women befriend their badly bullied schoolmate, Gavin. Their futures are bright until a chance meeting leads to a path of corruption, anger and malicious betrayal. Sometimes, when we can’t rely on those we love, our only hope is in the kindness of strangers.

The Wild Roses is a coming-of-age drama for all ages that speaks honestly of love, loss, jealousy, coercion and self-discovery.

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